I am a parent. How can I get involved?

You can become involved in three easy ways:

  • Join the Booster Club. Fill out our volunteer form so one of our Booster Club officers can determine where your talents can best be used.

  • Download the Team App. Instructions can be found here.

  • Spread the word. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

How many shows does Ovation perform each year?

We produce between three and four mainstage productions each year: usually two musicals and two plays, which includes the UIL One Act Play. Additionally, we collaborate with Encore Choir on a Cabaret and Pop Show each year.

We also sponsor an annual Play-in-a-Day Festival, where students are assigned to teams to write, produce, rehearse, and perform original ten-minute plays within a 24 hour time period.

Where are the productions held?

Unless otherwise noted, all productions will be held at the Dawson High School Auditorium, located at 2050 Cullen Blvd., Pearland, TX 77581.

As you enter the school from Cullen Boulevard, please park in the parking lot on the right side of the building.

How do I buy tickets to the shows?

All tickets are available online up to four weeks prior to the start of a production's run. Both reserved seating and general admission ticket options are available for most productions. Tickets may be sold at the door dependent on availability -- it is recommended that tickets be purchased in advance online.

Do you have wheelchair access in the auditorium?

Yes. If you need to buy tickets with wheelchair access, please contact the Pearland ISD Fine Arts Department.

Do I have to be enrolled in a theatre class to audition for a production?

No. Many of our students do not take theatre classes and still enjoy being a part of our program.

Can I receive a GPA waiver by being enrolled in a theatre class?

At this time, theatre classes do not qualify for a GPA waiver and count as a 4.0 course.

Any advice on auditions?

  • Start by reading our audition expectations.

  • Be on time. If you are late -- even by one minute -- we will not let you audition.

  • Bring your signed paperwork. This usually includes a signed Production Contract and an Informed Consent/Medical Release Form. You can click here to print these forms to bring to the audition.

  • Wear appropriate attire, especially if you will be moving. No flip-flops, please.

  • Prepare as much as possible prior to the audition. Sheet music and accompaniment tracks for musicals are made available prior to the audition.

  • Be courteous to those around you. Actively participate in the audition by minimizing talking and other distractions.

  • Say "yes, sir" and "no, ma'am." Politeness impresses.

  • Eat and drink before or after the audition, but don't bring it with you. Water is permitted.

Can parents and friends attend auditions?

No. Auditions -- and most rehearsals -- are closed to the public. We want to provide students with a safe and efficient learning environment free from potential distractions.

Does everyone get a part in the show?

Our goal is to have as many students involved in a production as possible. That said, there is no guarantee that all who audition will get a part, including those who may have been cast in a previous production.

I am interested in being on the crew. Do I still need to audition?

Please fill out the audition form and indicate that you are interested in being on crew. An audition or a meeting will take place to determine your specific role, dependent on the production’s needs.

What is the time commitment for each production?

Each production is different with varying timelines, and a detailed rehearsal schedule will be released after a cast list is announced.

For the fall productions, we will hold auditions the week after school ends and begin rehearsals at the end of July to accommodate family vacations.

Rehearsals are typically held during the week from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Some Saturday rehearsals may be called depending on the production.

We ask that students put all scheduling conflicts on their audition form as considering conflicts is part of the casting process. If a student misses the majority of the rehearsal process, (s)he may not be cast.

Is there any paperwork I need to fill out to be a part of a production?

Yes. In this order:

  1. Online Audition Form

  2. Production Contract

  3. Medical Release/Travel Form

These forms must be filled out PRIOR to a student auditioning.

What fees need to be paid?

Production fees are determined by the Pearland ISD Fine Arts Department and are subject to change based on the needs of the production. The fee and its due date will be announced at the start of auditions. In 2019-2020, all company members (cast and crew) will pay the same fee.

Can I audition for Cabaret and Pop Show... even if I'm not in choir?

Yes! Make sure you audition with appropriate repertoire. Remember, Cabaret is more musical theatre-type songs, and Pop Show is what you would hear on the radio. When in doubt, please reach out to the appropriate director.

I don't have a car. Can I carpool with someone to rehearsal?

Yes. We can always help you find a ride to rehearsal.

...but don't be late.

What is Production Week?

Generally, the week before we open a show is called Production Week. Rehearsals may run later on these days, and all cast and crew members are required to participate to make sure that the show is ready.

It can be challenging for students to balance their commitment to the production with their workload for school, but it is a balance they need to seek. By talking to their teachers well before Tech Week and advocating for themselves, students will find it far easier to manage their work during this time. Teachers are willing to work with students to let them work ahead or to schedule projects, tests, etc. to allow them to complete the work with the demands of the show in mind. Our teachers are very supportive of Ovation Theatre and its productions. However, not turning in assignments or missing class and using the show as an excuse to do so is never acceptable.

Participation in theatre is subject to the same academic eligibility standards from UIL as other sports and activities, so it is critical that students maintain good standing.

I can't be in this upcoming show, but how can I find out about future auditions?

  • Download the Team App. Instructions can be found here.

  • Listen to the morning announcements. We'll include information about auditions!

  • Check us out on ETV.

  • Look for flyers. We typically post announcements on a bulletin board outside of the choir hall.

  • Follow us on social media. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What is UIL One Act Play?

The UIL One-Act Play (OAP) contest is a competition where similarly sized Texas schools present an 18-40 minute play and may be adjudicated by a panel of three judges. The contest is held on a single day and open to the public. There are six possible levels of competition: Zone, District, Bi-District, Area, Region, and State. At each level of competition, the judges award individual acting awards as well as selecting three productions to advance to the next level of competition (up to the Regional Level where only two will advance to the State Level). After the awards are announced, each judge gives an oral critique to each of the schools.

Typically, 15 cast members, 5 crew members, and 4 alternates are selected to be a part of the UIL OAP Contest.

More information on the UIL OAP Contest can be found here.

What is UIL Theatrical Design?

Students can compete in the UIL Theatrical Design Contest, either individually or as a team, in four categories: set, costume, hair/makeup, and marketing. Each year, a “directorial prompt” shall be provided based on a published play. In it, students will be given certain conceptual parameters from which they will develop design concepts. The prompt can be found on the UIL website and in the current Theatrical Design Guide.

More information on UIL Theatrical Design can be found here.

What is the Black and White Ball?

The Black and White Ball is the annual banquet of EncOvation (the portmanteau for Encore Choir and Ovation Theatre) students, typically held in May of each school year. Any student who is currently enrolled in Encore Choir classes or has been in at least one Ovation production throughout the school year is invited to attend. Students may bring one high-school aged guest.

The cost is between $35-40 per student and includes a premium catered meal, event photography, and an evening of dancing and music. The attire for the event is black and white formal wear.

Parents and alumni do not usually attend this event as it is a celebration of the school year for current students only.

I own a business. How can I become a season sponsor?

Please contact Mr. Grimmett directly to become a season sponsor. Although there are different levels of sponsorships, season sponsors usually enjoy benefits like advertising in our programs and our website, reserved seating tickets to shows, and personal visits from our cast members.