What Ovation Means To Me

The Ovation Theatre members share their thoughts…


“Ovation has provided me with a place to make friends, escape my overwhelming school work, create incredible memories, and sing/dance a bit while I’m at it! Even though every year is a completely different experience, it never loses the magic spark that only comes with spending dozens of hours with the same group of people, all for six two-hour performances!” - Alyssa Grover (Class of 2020) 

 “I didn’t have a lot to look forward to when I enrolled at Dawson, so I turned to Ovation. It’s more than comforting to have a place full of accepting and generous family members. The majority of us are tepid, tired teenagers, but that’s all tabled temporarily when we step into our auditorium. This program is at the core of who I want to be, and I don’t know where I’d be without it.” - Parker Varghese (Class of 2021) 

“When I came to the summer musical auditions my freshman year, I was absolutely terrified. I barely spoke to anyone (even though so many people were so kind and inclusive to me) and I was so scared of standing out and looking awkward. Ovation has taught me to not fear looking awkward, being different, and speaking loud. Now, I am not only more confident onstage, but more brave in the small moments that require it every day.” - Julia Bennett (Class of 2019) 

“Ovation is honestly the best thing at Dawson High School. It's my home when things aren't well in my real home. It has given me the opportunity to do what I love the most: singing, acting, dancing, etc. I also get to do those things with the people I love most. I'm so thankful that Ovation accepts everyone for who they are and that everyone is appreciated there.” - Sierra Wilturner (Class of 2019) 


 “Ovation Theatre is important to me because it is a close and loving community. When I transferred from Turner High School, I was scared I wouldn’t be able to connect with people at Dawson. However, through participating in The Pajama Game, I bonded with my cast-mates and found myself finally a part of a tight-knit theatre family. I look forward to every rehearsal I have because I get to spend time with my favorite people in the world. Not only have I made tons of new friends, I also now have more love for theatre and the performing arts. I can’t wait to spend the next two years of my high school career with this program!” - Amber Huchton (Class of 2021) 

“Being so young and easily impacted, I never realized how much sitting in the crowd of one of the Ovation performances would impact my life. Just from that one performance I got to experience the feeling of being ambitious all over again. Ovation has inspired me since the beginning, it gave me hope to pursue what I once believed was impossible. I was a freshman then. Now, I’m a senior who has been a part of three productions, and I have never been so grateful in my entire life. This program has been able to bring together those who have a love for theatre and has even extended to something even more. I have been involved in what seems like everything in this school, but never have I experienced the magic and the love that Ovation has. I’m truly grateful to have experienced my high school career with Ovation, because even as someone in the crowd, I have really been touched from their presence.” - Gwyn Templonuevo (Class of 2019) 

“Ovation has been a core part of my high school career before I even walked through the doors of Dawson. It’s the only thing I truly look forward to at the end of a long day. If it hadn’t been for this amazing family, I’d be majoring in business and doing something that I wouldn’t like. Ovation made me realize my passion and made me choose my career. I am forever in debt to this program. It is a home to so many people who need it.” - Lauren Hale (Class of 2019) 

 “Ovation has given me so much, and I’m so thankful I joined. Even though my schedule is packed and sometimes everything feels like a chore, rehearsal is the one thing I look forward to. It really is a family and is the one place I didn’t feel lesser because I was an underclassman. I used to be such a quiet, introverted person with only a few close friends -- but everyone in Ovation was so welcoming and friendly, and I’ve made so many great friends. I’ve really come out of my shell and grown so much.” - Adam Gano (Class of 2021) 

 “Ovation is a very big part of my life, and the program is very important to me because I love being a part of the process of putting together our amazing shows. When I first started at Dawson, I had no interest in being in theater, and I didn’t even know what Ovation was, but after watching Godspell and talking to a friend of mine that was in the program before graduating last year, I realized that I wanted to give theater a try. My first large production was last year when we performed Ragtime; I was on crew running sound effects. Ovation is important to me because I have made many friends over the course of the shows I have been in, which has allowed me to branch out from my group of friends that I walked into high school with. My favorite part of Ovation is that I get to meet new people every show: the program is good at bringing people together and pushes you to make long lasting friendships. Ovation is a place for me to take a break from the stress of high school and to enjoy my time with my friends”. - Ryan Cooper (Class of 2021) 

Ovation Students