What Ovation Means To Me

Thoughts from Ovation Theatre students.

“Ovation has taught me to not fear looking awkward, being different, and speaking loud… Ovation made me realize my passion and made me choose my career. I am forever in debt to this program. It is a home to so many people who need it… Ovation is honestly the best thing at Dawson High School.”

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Ovation Students
From Page to Stage: Our Vision for Theatre Education

Every serious theatre company in the United States has a clear mission and vision statement for their audiences, especially since garnering patron support can be an ongoing challenge in the health of an arts organization. If you’ve never read our mission and vision statement, I encourage you to do so – Ovation Theatre is aiming to achieve a higher level of theatre education in the state of Texas by combining first-rate educational experiences with professional artistry. Too often, though, ideas can become lost in execution: it is easy to believe in the things we write down as goals, but it is far more difficult to take them from the page to the stage. 

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